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  • Bachelor's Psychology

  • In practice since 2009

  • On Mindstead since 2021

  • United Kingdom

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About This Practitioner

Hi, I'm Stacey O'Callaghan, founder of SJS Coaching Services, and as a coach and therapist, I help millennials find their authentic self so that they thrive in life and work. 

Working with me goes beyond the goal we're working on; it's an opportunity for mindset growth and transformational change. This is because, as a distinction accredited cognitive behaviour therapist, personal performance, and corporate executive coach, I use a blend of psychological techniques to empower you to own and adjust your behaviour, so you feel confident to take meaningful actions so that your ideal becomes your reality. As a result, you feel an abundance of happiness, life and work satisfaction and resilience in times of continuous change as you feel confident to work towards your definition of thriving. 

As well as my range of personal development workbooks, I also share tools, tips, and techniques on social media @sjscoachingservices and when you subscribe to my newsletter you gain access to self-coaching techniques and a Hub full of personal development tools and how-to videos that'll help you start your journey from surviving to thriving. If this interests you, head to to subscribe for FREE.

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Additional Credentials

Although I consider myself to be a coach first and foremost, I'm also an accredited Cognitive Behaviour Therapist and before starting my own practise, I assessed people to understand how best to support them. I then delivered one to one and group interventions to help my clients overcome what was holding them back to take control and own their future. I therefore have vast experience in supporting all psychological disorders in young people and adults.

The workbooks I have on Mindstead are an amalgamation of tools I've used with hundreds of clients across all walks of life. They are designed to help you develop self-awareness and start to breakdown what's going on for you. Each has its own action planning section meaning that after completing the workbook you'll know the next steps to take to improve your wellbeing. You'll also find a review framework included with each workbook, helping you use the workbook time and time again to keep you on the path to thriving. 

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