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Ever feel like you don't know who you are?

What if I was to tell you that if you want to achieve 10/10 in life and work satisfaction you need to be aware of your values and beliefs and how they shape who you are. So the reason you don't know who you are, or you’re not feeling like who you were meant to be is because you’re misaligned with what’s important to you. This tool can help you with this. As a result of completing this workbook you will:

- learn what makes you you, including your top 20 values, the top 3 things most important to you and the beliefs you hold about yourself and the world around you

- understand which of your beliefs are holding you back and how

- complete a powerful re-framing exercise that will help you re-write your story so that you can step into who you were meant to be

-  learn the 2 step process that will help you become unstuck so you can move forwards and step into who you were meant to be

Plus, as a bonus, the workbook includes a progress review form which will help you reflect on your journey and refine your story so you can continue to grow not just in the short term but in the long term too.

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Why It Works

The activities in this workbook were put together using accredited techniques known in the field of cognitive behaviour therapy, positive psychology and personal performance coaching.

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Why It Works

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