Calling all practitioners

Join us in expanding access to evidence-based personal growth resources while growing your own passive income. Whether you’re a psychologist, social worker, life coach, self-help author, meditation guide, breathwork instructor, or any other type of human behavior expert, we’d love to welcome you to our community.

Do more by doing less

Help more people

Most practitioners see fewer than 30 clients per week. Mindstead lets you reach thousands, including those who may not have had the time or money to see you, or another one-on-one practitioner, personally

Grow your passive income

Develop and upload your tools once, but see them purchased and used many times over. Selling your tools is a very time-effective way to increase your professional capital, especially when Mindstead does all the marketing.

Expand your practice

Your work is your best marketing. Meet new virtual clients who are introduced to your practice through the tools you list, and they purchase, on Mindstead. You’ll both know you’re a fit going into your first session.

Share your expertise

Have you developed effective personal growth resources? Build your thought leadership in the human behavior community by sharing the resources you’ve created.

Join the movement

Become a part of a community of like-minded human behavior experts looking to revolutionize mental fitness, including like New York Times best-selling author Rick Hanson PhD, TED star Dr. Shauna Shapiro, and more.

You’ve created more tools than you realize

If you don’t have worksheets and resources ready-made, just think back to your most recent sessions. How often have you made up an exercise, a journaling prompt, a tracking tool, or another creative way to help your clients unlock their thinking? All you need to do is write those down so that more people can benefit from your expertise.

Get creative: All topics, modalities, and personality styles are welcome and, in fact, encouraged. We only request that tools are rooted in evidence-based practices and written in a style friendly to someone who is pre-therapy. They can be formatted as downloadable PDF, audio, or video files.

If you’re still unsure of what you can create, browse through the existing tools on Mindstead and be inspired by the range of possibility. You can also join our Facebook group for Practitioners. In it we share the most popular tools, the most searched topics, and other trending information that might inspire you.

Get started today

Join Mindstead today and select “Open Shop” on your profile page

You’ll start by filling out some information about your experience and your practice. Then you’ll need to connect your banking info via Stripe, our payment provider. This will take 5-10 minutes and you’re welcome to include links to your practice’s website.

Add tools to your Mindstead shop

Listing is fast, easy, and free. You set the prices and you can post as many resources as you want. You’ll need to describe each tool and the evidence that supports it, then upload the file as well as a thumbnail image, which people will see when they browse the marketplace.

Once your tool is uploaded, you’re open for business

Everything is sold on an individual use copyright, meaning you retain all your IP. You will receive 75% of your tool’s list price per sale, via direct deposit, while you sit back and let us do the marketing. See our Terms of Use for full details.

Become a Verified Practitioner

Send a digital copy of your ID and credentials to [email protected] and earn a “Verified Practitioner” badge for your shop profile and tools. You can do this at any time. This is optional

Have questions? Want more?

If you have any questions or just want to chat, you’re welcome to send us a message or request a 30-minute call here to learn more.