Mindstead’s mission is to make the collective wisdom of human behavior experts available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Real personal growth can be hard to come by. One-on-one therapy and coaching are effective, but they’re also time consuming and expensive, and that’s if you’re lucky enough to find a practitioner and an approach that work for you. Instead, most of us turn to self-help books, inspirational Instagram accounts, or podcasts with interesting guests. We leave inspired but unsure of what to do next, besides consuming another book, post, or episode. Similarly, mental health apps have their benefits, but they’re usually limited in their scope and require a lot of commitment.

At Mindstead, we believe there has to be another way, especially if you’re just starting your personal growth journey and want to explore the range of options available. Maybe you’d benefit from changing unhelpful thought patterns through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), developing a gratitude practice to promote happiness, or maximizing your leadership abilities through performance coaching techniques. Mental fitness is like physical fitness: there will always be certain things that will resonate more or work better for you. The first step is figuring out what those are.

Previously, most high-impact mental health resources have lived hidden behind the closed doors of practitioners’ offices or deep within the academic prose of psychology manuals. By creating a marketplace where thousands of psychologists, social workers, coaches, and complementary therapists can share their tools, Mindstead makes these types of resources more accessible. This way you can explore a wide range of topics, approaches, and personality styles across hundreds of affordable and easy-to-use tools as you become the best version of you.

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Cross-train your brain

At Mindstead, we know that strong minds, like strong bodies, aren’t born; they’re trained. Optimal physical fitness requires cross-training our bodies with cardio, strength training, and stretching. Mental fitness and emotional health require a similar combination of counseling, coaching, and complementary approaches. To see real results, these practices need to be sustained over time.


Counseling helps us better understand our ingrained behaviors and beliefs, including the many things we do unconsciously (things like jumping to conclusions, catastrophizing, or over-generalizing) that prevent us from becoming our best selves.


Coaching, meanwhile, focuses on our future and helps us set and accomplish goals. This can include exploring values for how we want to live our lives, creating SMART goals, developing accountability practices, or finding ways to cheer ourselves along the way.


Complementary methods help us stay present, which is important as there is no reality besides the present. Literally – the past and future, they’re all just thoughts. Meditation, mindfulness, breathwork, somatic experiencing, and sound therapy are some examples.