Mindstead's mission is to make the collective wisdom of human behavior experts available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Mindstead is the world’s first marketplace of tools for personal growth. We offer evidence-based worksheets, guides, and other mind-training tools developed by licensed therapists, coaches, and other human behavior experts. Everything is digital content, ready for you whenever you are.

Great for Practitioners

Expand your reach, grow your practice, and develop a passive income stream by selling your tools. Or find the tools you’ve always wanted, but didn’t have the time to make.

Great for All of Us

Incubate your mind with effective, easy-to-use tools when you don't have the time or money to invest in a therapist or coach, or are looking for tools to reinforce what you’re working on.

Mindstead has what you're looking for.


Get tools immediately thanks to direct download.


Tools are easy to use.


Tools are developed by experts, backed by research, and rated by users.


Only you know what you browse, only you know what you download.


With most tools under $10, they’re much cheaper than a private session with a therapist or coach.

Finally: a place to get personal growth tools on-demand. From CBT worksheets to reduce anxiety to performance coaching exercises for leadership communications, Mindstead has everything you need to be your best you.


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