Mindstead - Love Your Inner Child (Just One Minute series)

Love Your Inner Child (Just One Minute series)


About This Tool

As we live, the residues of our experiences become wired into our own nervous system. And the deepest, most fundamental layers were laid down when we were very young. So it's natural to be affected today by things that have happened to you when you were little.

This tool helps us work on loving our inner child. It includes four pieces: video, audio, transcript, and handout.

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Why It Works

This tool is part of a larger collection of little exercises called Just One Minute. Each of these exercises takes only a few minutes to do, but has the ability to make a really big impact in your life. With repetition, they can create an unshakable core of confidence and contentment that is hardwired into your nervous system.  

You can find five of these exercises on Mindstead. If you want to purchase the complete series of 50+ exercises as well as reach more information about Rick Hanson and the research behind the exercises, please visit the Just One Minute program website.

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Why It Works

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