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Welcome to your self-love workbook! In this workbook, you’ll take big steps towards learning to love and care for yourself. You’ll develop an attitude of compassion toward yourself and discover strategies to silence your inner critic. Make this work a priority, and when you finish this workbook, you’ll have a different relationship with the most important person in your life—you!

This 24 page workbook has four modules, each focused on developing a skill that will improve your self compassion and ability to love yourself. You'll get background information, detailed instructions, and worksheets to learn to apply these skills to your unique situation.


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Why It Works

Research shows that self-compassion is linked with all kinds of benefits, including decreased anxiety and depression, and increasing motivation to improve!

For example, one study examined students who perceived a recent midterm grade as a failure. Results showed that students with higher self-compassion were more likely to cope in healthy, emotion- focused ways rather than with avoidance strategies (Neff, Hsiech, & Dejitterat, 2007).

Because of these findings, an entire program, the Mindful Self-Compassion training program, has been developed. One very recent study found that students in clinical and health psychology who completed the eight-week training reported greater self-compassion, mindfulness, and psychological well-being. However, those results were only found for those students who reported being committed to the program and adhering to the practices (Ramon, Gomez-Martinez, Antonio, & Jimenez, 2019)!

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Why It Works

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