Self-Love: Mindfulness for Increasing Self-Compassion

About This Tool

This packet will introduce you to the idea of self-compassion and help you develop skills in mindful noticing. Self-compassion is easy to understand but difficult to practice. Basically, it’s the idea of taking the compassion you probably naturally feel for others and learning to cultivate that same feeling and direct it toward yourself.  

My guess is that you naturally are a caring, warm, and compassionate person. You likely care deeply for your friends, family, pets, children, the elderly, refugees, and other creatures who need help and are suffering. We are going to work to take the natural care you have for others and learn to direct it to someone just as worthy as receiving it-yourselff! 

This packet will teach you skills in a key elemet of self-compssion, mindful noticing.

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Why It Works

Research shows that self-compassion is linked with all kinds of benefits, including decreased anxiety and depression, and increasing motivation to improve!

For example, one study found that self-compassion buffers against anxiety and increased self-compassion predicted later increases in overall psychological well-being (Neff, Kirkpatrick, & Rude, 2007).

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Why It Works

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