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Are you grieving? Connect & heal through writing. Download this grief journal and guide & begin to feel connected to the memory of your loved one today.

You Need This Grief Journal & Guide If...

-You are grieving after a loss.
-You don't know what to write about in a grief journal.
-You are struggling with finding ways to feel connected to the memory of your loved one.
-You are feeling like you can't talk to many others about your grief.
-You need an outlet to express your grief.

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Why It Works

I am passionate about grief!

What a funny thing to say, right?

The thing about grief is that we all experience it at some point: perhaps when we lose a parent, a grandparent, a sibling, a spouse, a friend, a child, or anyone that was part of our lives.

Sometimes we grieve not as a result of a death but because circumstances in our lives have changed: relationships end, moves happen, jobs change, futures we thought would go one way suddenly are different.

Grief is everywhere for all of us - yet our society does a poor job allowing people to grieve. Lose a close loved one? Maybe you’ll get 3 paid days off from work. People will bring casseroles and tell you to call if you need anything but then life moves forward and you get the very clear message that you should move on and get over it.

I’m here to tell you that message is wrong. It is ok to grieve and it is normal to struggle with how to continue living your life while dealing with grief.

When you use this grief guide and journal, you are provided with space to grieve, insight around what normal grief actually looks like, and an environment in which you can process all of your feelings.

My experiences as a clinical social worker in hospital, palliative care, and hospice settings as well as my work as a college educator for funeral service professionals, have given me a wealth of information and insight on grief, and I am ready to share all of it with you so that you can begin healing.

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Why It Works

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