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  • Clinical Social Worker

  • Master's MSW

  • In practice since 2017

  • On Mindstead since 2022

  • Boston, MA

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About This Practitioner


The goal of Changing Perspectives is to provide education, resources, and support to people in the areas of grief, mental health, parenting, and relationships. While the content may sometimes be heavy, I strive to explore it in a way that is light, positive, and inspirational.

As a writer, podcast host, and content creator, I value four main principles:

I write from my heart in all of my articles and speak from my heart in all of my podcast recordings. You are getting the real me whenever you are enjoying content from Changing Perspectives.

This world can be a hard place to navigate and I don't want anyone to walk it alone. An underlying thread of much of the Changing Perspectives content is a reminder that you are not alone and that we can all support each other.

Be on the lookout for fun events like contests, giveaways, and product promotions. The Changing Perspectives community is made up of some pretty amazing people and I love to reward you every now and then with fun surprises.

Thought-provoking Content.
My writings and podcasts always try to take a new perspective on often-explored topics. My hope is that my content will leave you thinking in a new way long after you are done reading and listening.

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Additional Credentials

Co-Host of The Changing Perspectives Podcast:

Author of Confessions From The Couch: Finding Hope and Resilience in Grief - A Grief Journal and Guide After Loss:

Freelance Author:

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