Working with Clients of Color: A Somatic Approach for White Therapists and Practitioners

About This Tool

This book is offers 5 steps to begin facilitating conversations across racial lines in the treatment room. It provides a body-centered approach.

As healing practitioners, we hold our clients hearts in our hands. Thank you for picking up this work. I hope you find it interesting, engaging, and easy to digest and implement.

What I provide here can benefit anyone of any background and profession. However, I have chosen to create this guide primarily on the White-Practitioner and Client-of-Color dynamic.

You, the white practitioner, may want to want to support and address issues of race and racism in your sessions but may not know where to start. In my book When Helping Is Not Helping: A Somatic Approach To Working With Clients of Color, I combine education on race and culture in the United States with a 5 step body-centered approach that I have designed to support you, the practitioner, in going beyond the surface-level conversations about race that may happen in racially mixed company.


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Why It Works

It includes  some of history of race and culture and the problems that exist in racial dynamics. The author also offers some of her personal experiences as examples. The author cites research she has gathered from the field in the form of an experiential workshop, books she has read, discussions she has had in the field, and her training and experience to inform this work. She then moves into describing the evolutionary body-based modality that she uses as her tool which is called Core Energetics.

She describes her methodology surrounding a experiential workshop she conducted and reports on her findings. These findings include example of the dynamics across races as demonstrated through three pairings.

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Why It Works

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