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  • In practice since 2018

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  • Washington D.C., District of Columbia, United States of America

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About This Practitioner

My somatic approach undresses intimacy in a bold and effective way. I am a culturally informed body-based practitioner who specializes in intimacy, relationships, and anti-racist advocacy. I am a South Asian American who was raised Muslim. I continue to bring my awareness of different cultural backgrounds and advocacy work as part of my understanding and perspective when I work with clients from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. I lead workshops and trainings to educate non-BIPOC/white professionals on how to work better with clients of color. I offer a safe and nurturing environment which allows you to open up about sensitive issues. I offer body-based techniques which help free up stuck emotions and old patterns of thinking and being so that you can feel more empowered and move toward fulfillment in your life. I am genuine, compassionate, and intuitive. I bring a creative, spiritual, body-centered approach to my work with clients. I use experiential expressive and physical exercises to raise awareness of the mind-body connection and help clients shed false beliefs and identities. I also enjoy facilitating groups and am touched by the powerful connections and community formed within groups. I love dance, dance as meditation, and the great outdoors. Find me now at CoreZenetics.net 

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Additional Credentials

Certified Core Energetics Practitioner, Certified Yoga Teacher, Reiki II Cerfiticate. 

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