Mindstead - Understanding Criticism (making sense of unwanted feelings)

Understanding Criticism (making sense of unwanted feelings)


About This Tool

We all feel critical from time to time. Sometimes this feeling of disapproval towards someone or something based on their perceived faults comes and goes. Other times it lingers, and we start to find everyone and everything to be full of flaws. Some of us love criticizing – it makes us feel analytical and smart. Some of us hate it – it makes us feel disappointed, alone, and depressed. Whatever your situation, this worksheet is designed to help you investigate the feelings of criticism in your life, understand how they may be hurting you as well as helping you, and to work towards finding a different way of relating with the experience of criticism. As with any feeling you feel, it is up to you to decide whether you act on that feeling or not.

This worksheet is great for anyone who has experienced anger, and particularly for those people who dislike that feeling and want to change their reactions.  It takes anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes to do depending on how thoroughly one reflects upon the questions.

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Why It Works

The roots of this tool are in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Specifically this tool seek to help us understand our feelings and how they guide our thoughts and fuel our behaviors, though they don't have to.

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Why It Works

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