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In this powerful tool, you will learn how to Create your Strategic Plan. You have great abilities and talent, but struggle to use them their great potential. In this simple, yet powerful excercise, Coach Bob will guide you to create your own personal strategic plan. We have discovered that the single most fusterating thing people go through is the inability to do one thing at a time. In an age that multi-tasking is the norm, we have found that learning to focus on one thing at a time is the key. In this exercise, you will:

  • Create your vision of your career amd business by answering 8 foundational strategic questions.
  • Articulate your mission and understand how to achieve it.
  • Determine the disciplines, skills, and activities you will need to achieve your mission.

This exercise is designed for anyone who desires to grow and become more focused. It is designed to help leaders, who know they are great leaders, become more efficient and conscious in their direction. 

Included in this download, you will have a document which will lead you to create your strategic plan. You will also be given access to Coach Bob, who is available to take you to your next step or simply to ask a question. You will be provided with 8 foundational questions that will help you buld your personal strategic plan.

This exercise can be competed in under an hour. It can be completed as you are able to invest the time into your stategic plan.

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Why It Works

THis document is a result of the experience of Coach Bob with the Caveat Institute.

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Why It Works

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