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In this powerful tool, you will learn how to identify your areas of excellence. You have great potential and people need you. The question is: " Do you believe it ? " Coach Bob Reish with the Caveat Institute breaks down the steps it takes to become excellent. Vince Lombardi said, " When you strive for perfection, you will achieve excellence." As you begin to change what you believe about yourself, people will begin to see the excell In you. Thix exercise is of great value to those who wish to take their leadership skills to the next level and invest in the next generations of leaders. You can expect to have the tools available to begin your jounery toward not only a leader, but a leader of excellence.

In this excercise you will:

  • Discover the special talents and abilites you posses today.
  • Identify the core competency you will require in the future.
  • Develop a plan to ensure you have mastared this core competency when the future arrives.

This exercise is designed for anyone who desires to grow and become more significant in the people around them, anyone who is desires to leave a legacy for future generations, and anyone who is looking to be a stronger leader.

Included in this download, you will have a document which will lead you to identify areas of excellence. You will also be given access to Coach Bob, who is available to take you to your next step or simply to ask a question. You will be provided with the 5 clues that will help you in this process of self-discovery.

This exercise can be completed in under an hour. It can be completed as you are able to invest the time into your self-discovery. 

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Why It Works

This document is a result of the experience of Coach Bob Reish with the Caveat Institute. 

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Why It Works

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