Give Yourself Permission to Live the Life You Want

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For much of my career, I lived a life that looked idyllic on the outside...cue island chica living in the Dominican Republic working in international development while spending her weekends dancing bachata and heading to the beach, turned Senior economist in Washington DC who spent her days writing about and briefing high-level executives on national economic labor trends and being in the know about some of the Nation’s most highly sought after data.

On the inside; however, I was left feeling empty and like I was searching for something with no destination in sight.

When I landed upon coaching as profession, not only did it change my external world and level of professional fulfillment but it also transformed my internal reality and personal happiness.

Over the years, countless individuals have asked me how I was able to do it, how I was able to quit the comfortable life of a Federal civilian 9-to-5er, give up the pension and benefits, and follow my dream of becoming a full-time entrepreneur.

This guide will show you how I created the life I truly wanted, what worked for me, and what has worked for countless clients since. My deepest desire is that you too are willing to live with no regrets, to dare courageously, and to be relentless in living the life you truly want.

If you find the PDF helpful, there is a free 5-day mini email course that you can sign up for over at The free e-course will help you in implementing the tools and concepts included in the guide.

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Why It Works

This guide is based on my personal experience.

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Why It Works

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