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Loving kindness meditation


About This Tool

Even if you never tried meditation before, let yourself guided in a journey of relaxation and loving kindness. We will start with a body scan, noticing the breathing and welcoming relaxation and calm. 

Allowing your mind to settle, you will experience a deep sense of connection with yourself and with everybody else. 

This meditation can be done each time you feel the need to relax and to connect, to regulate your emotions or just as part of your daily routine. 

Background music: Angel Guides - Jesse Gallagher via Youtube Library

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Why It Works

There is a lot of reasearch being done around the benefits of meditation on the overall well-being. A regular meditation practice increases vagal tone which increases positive emotions and feelings of social connection. A study by Kok et al (2013) found that individuals in a Loving-Kindness Meditation intervention, compared to a control group, had increases in positive emotions, an effect moderated by baseline vagal tone – a physiological marker of well-being (https://www.psychologytoday.com/intl/blog/feeling-it/201409/18-science-backed-reasons-try-loving-kindness-meditation). 

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Why It Works

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