Mindstead - Holiday Planner: Brown Design

About This Tool

Are you experiencing Pre-Holiday Stress Syndrome? This condition is brought on by having too much to do in too little time: cleaning, baking, entertaining, buying and wrapping gifts, scheduling and attending holiday parties and decorating the house!  This Holiday Binder can help keep you organized and focused so you can ENJOY the season!  You fill in the blanks to create your own custom Holiday Binder.



November and December Calendar

Wardrobe List

Address List

Gift List(s)

To-Do List

Budget Tracker

Meal Planner


Recipe List

Recipe Cards

Place Cards

Craft List

Event List

Traditions List

Decor Ideas List

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Why It Works

If you use these pages as they are intended, you will take back the holidays and enjoy them again by managing money, time, and energy!  Once you create your holiday binder, it will be a great resource for many years to come.

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Why It Works

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