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Decluttering Planner ~ Digital Planner


About This Tool

This DIGITAL declutter home-management planner is a decluttering system designed for stress-free spring cleaning (or any time of the year). It's the perfect digital organization and home checklist to help you start decluttering your life to make way for something new.

By using this system, you can expect to:

• develop a comprehensive list of everything that could use decluttering in your life (ideas provided)
• determine how long it will take to declutter each area
• schedule when each area will be decluttered
• determine who is best to work on each area
• develop a monthly plan to ensure the decluttering process is approached in small steps (to reduce stress and overwhelm)
• have fun by taking on the 'Small Steps 30-Day Challenge' with one or more items on your decluttering list. Use the Challenge printable for a little friendly competition with those decluttering with you
• effectively organize what you are ready to let go of by using decluttering tags

This digital decluttering planner helps reduce stress and overwhelm that occurs during the decluttering process.

With a focus on small, frequent steps, your life can look very different once you clear your physical space (as well as other areas of your life).

Often times we hang on to old stuff, people, systems, etc. because they represent who we once were. However, it makes it difficult for the 'new' us that's trying to come into existence to find space to blossom and grow.

If you're feeling stuck, or just need a new perspective on life, decluttering is a great place to start. This digital planner can help you get the job done.

This product is included in one money-saving bundle:

• Purchase the EMBRACE bundle & get 3 FREE PRODUCTS - https://www.mindstead.org/tools/t/life-planning-digital-bundle-3-get-3-free-products/

An interactive / hyperlinked PDF ready for instant download to your tablet including the:

1. Decluttering Checklist
2. Decluttering Plan (monthly planner) with sample ideas on how to use the monthly planner
3. Decluttering 30-Day Challenge
4. 3 section covers (different styles) & tabs hyperlinked for easy navigation
5. Printable Decluttering Tags (Style #1) (This is a printable file...it's not in the digital planner)
6. Printable Decluttering Tags (Style #2) (This is a printable file...it's not in the digital planner)

• Visit - https://www.mindstead.org/tools/t/decluttering-planner-create-space-for-something-ne/ 

• This is an instant digital download to begin using immediately on your iPad or Tablet.
• Reuse over and over again.
• The final stage of the purchasing process will include one ZIP FILE.
• See directions below for downloading and opening your zip file.

This process is fast and easy. Please follow these steps:

1. Download the zip file to your computer*.
2. Click on the zip file to locate the product folder.
3. Click on the product folder to locate the files and sizes listed below.
4. Save your product folder to a preferred location on your computer.
5. Upload to your iPad or Tablet

*Zip files cannot be downloaded directly to a tablet. Please download to your computer or laptop first and then upload the PDF file to your tablet.

• One Interactive PDF file with hyperlinks for your iPad or tablet (comes in a ZIP file to open on your computer....see above)
• One PDF file with printable decluttering tags

Don't hesitate to message me if you have any questions. I'd love to hear from you!

My role is to assist you with your personal growth and goals, but reaching those goals is dependent upon your commitment and perseverance. I do not guarantee a specific result and you agree that results will vary for each individual and there are no guarantees for a specific outcome or result.

By purchasing this information, you absolve us of any liability or loss incurred due to any information taken from the information purchased. You agree that we will not be liable to you, or to any other individual, company or entity, for any type of damages, including direct, indirect, special, incidental, equitable or consequential loss or damages, for use of or reliance on our shop, products or website.

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Why It Works

5 Scientific Reasons Decluttering Your Home Will Make You Happier - https://thriveglobal.com/stories/5-scientific-reasons-decluttering-your-home-will-make-you-happier/

How Decluttering Your Space could make you Healthier and Happier - https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/stress-management/in-depth/how-decluttering-your-space-could-make-you-healthier-and-happier/art-20390064 

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Why It Works

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